Reasons to choose SEQTA

The value that SEQTA’s comprehensive feature set adds to teaching and learning makes it unlike any other LMS on the market.


Complete solution

Complete solution

An all-encompassing and integrated solution that is efficient and effective for teachers and administrators, incorporating modern pedagogy and workflows that just make sense.

Reduce workloads

Reduce workloads

Give your teachers the most efficient tools to do their daily tasks that will genuinely reduce their workloads and save them time.

Improve workflows

Improve workflows

Built from the ground up to support teachers, allowing them to work how they prefer, while data flows automatically to all key stakeholders.

Enhance community

Enhance community

Bring teachers, students, parents and administrators together, engaging each in a collaborative, safe ecosystem where everyone gains value.



Modern pedagogy

Modern pedagogy

Remove the workload associated with modern teaching practices such as flipped classrooms, interactive lessons, individualised instruction and visible learning.

Holistic approach

Holistic approach

Remove data siloes to focus holistically on things that will improve learning such as attendance, well-being, discipline, academic performance and communication.



Data is presented in integrated ways that are actionable and help support students, teachers, parents and school decision making.

Outstanding support

Outstanding support

Dedicated team with a reputation for outstanding levels of service and support.

Everything you need to run your school

Curriculum planning, mapping & LMS

Plan curriculum. Collaborate. Online lessons. Online delivery.

Assessment, feedback & reporting

Evaluation. Student reflection. Feedback to students and parents. Paperless reporting.

Parent engagement

Getting parents involved in children’s education. Working together for better outcomes.

Individual education needs

Individual learning needs.  Learner focused.


Actionable data. Helping students learn and grow.

Pastoral care

Looking after students’ health and well-being. Identifying patterns early. Being proactive. Attending to the needs of every child.


Identify attendance patterns. Keep track of assessments. Connecting with parents.

Training and support

Dedicated support team that provide on-site consultations. All part of the relationship and service.

Enquiry & Enrolment Management

Track student involvement from initial contact through to alumni and beyond with a single record.

Billing & Cashflow

Integrate with leading accounting software and easily manage cashflow with flexible billing and payment plan monitoring.

Customisable Triggers & Reports

Generate automated email and SMS notifications using customisable triggers. Personalise reports with SchoolPRO’s built-in report editor.


Easily share or isolate data between multiple campuses. Connect your schools.

SchoolPRO = SchoolPRO2 integration