SEQTA is regularly coming across exciting products and services that we believe have the potential to add significant value to our schools. Some are products that are deeply integrated into the SEQTA Suite. Others are stand-alone products that provide great solutions that complement the SEQTA Suite.



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For information about our fully and semi-integrated partners, SEQTA Service Desk would be more than happy to assist you. To find out more about our partners in the manual integration category, kindly contact the service providers directly.


SchoolPRO2  Fully integrated

SchoolPRO2 is a complete school management software package capable of handling all of your school’s administrative needs, from entity management to scheduling parent / teacher interviews.

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SYNERGETIC  Fully integrated

The unique Synergetic integrated community database allows schools to access, manage and share information quickly and efficiently with a scalable, fully modular approach with a choice of over forty modules.

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MyEd  Fully integrated

myEd is the only learning platform in the world that enables authentic differentiation in seconds. If you’re a SEQTA school and have a strategic goal of differentiation contact them today.

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Microsoft OneNote  Fully integrated

With OneNote Class Notebook, teachers can create a digital notebook for the entire classroom, to store text, images, handwritten notes, attachments, links, voice, video, and more. The Class Notebook has a collaboration space for everyone to work from, a content library to store class materials, and a private student notebook for every student in the class. Teachers can “peek” into their student notebooks to provide real-time feedback on their student’s notes and works.

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Consent2Go Manual integration

Consent2Go is a platform designed to provide streamlined school workflows that goes beyond converting a manual or paper process into a digital one. We bring an end to end solution to enable the complete risk management and planning of incursions, excursions and tours, including communication and approval from parents. We also process payments and maintain a fully functional health record.

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ClickView  Fully integrated

ClickView gives teachers the best opportunity to create a rich learning experience through video education for students. ClickView videos can be easily added into your lesson plan within SEQTA.

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CyberHound  Fully integrated

CyberHound is a leading Australian internet management and security provider that delivers unique cybersafety solutions for K-12 schools.

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LearningField  Fully integrated

LearningField provides an unrivalled choice of texts for all learning areas in Australian secondary schools. Our unique subscription offer gives teachers and students unlimited access to over 12,000 chapters from world leading education publishers through one log in. LearningField content can be searched, assigned and read directly from any LMS that is LTI compliant like SEQTA.

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Turnitin Fully integrated

Turnitin is revolutionizing the experience of writing to learn. Turnitin Feedback Studio, streamlines the feedback and assessment process and empowers educators to help students take ownership of their work and become better writers.

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Timetabling Solutions  Semi integrated

Timetabling Solutions is a leading provider of specialised timetabling services and software products. Supported by staff who understand the market and their clients, Timetabling Solutions delivers everything you need to effectively timetable your school.

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REACH Boarding School System

REACH Boarding School System  Manual integration

REACH is an award winning student management system designed especially for boarding schools. Ten core modules automate boarding school activities, helping schools to manage risk, gain efficiency and improve communications.

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Signmee  Manual integration

Signmee enables staff and administrators to easily create and send online forms and make it easy for parents to receive, fill, pay and sign forms online.

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CareMonkey  Manual integration

CareMonkey is a mobile health and safety solution that eliminates paper forms and gives authorised carers instant access to important medical and emergency contact details when incidents occur.

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CompliSpace  Manual integration

CompliSpace is a professional services organisation that provides governance, risk, compliance and policy management (GRC&P) programs and services to schools across Australia. CompliSpace also publish School Governance, a free weekly publication covering the latest news and regulatory developments in the school sector.

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family zone

Family Zone  Manual integration

We are all about keeping children and families safe online. The Family Zone product is very simple for parents to set up. One click applies everywhere your child goes, it’s seamless between mobile and in-home technology. We built this technology to give parents choice, control and visibility. It includes a box for home use, and an App for mobility.

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TheScreeningLab Manual integration

TheScreeningLab, a system designed to help schools and sports organisations to objectively assess and track the fitness levels of their students and athlete and use this objective data to prevent injuries. You can find some background information on how our system can be applied in schools and help to achieve the curricula 2017 goals at our website.

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Schrole Cover

Schrole Cover Manual integration

The innovative app that contacts your preferred relief staff and fills vacancies in a click. Manage relief without doing anything, fill urgent jobs in less than 5 minutes, no hidden costs.

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Schrole Connect

Schrole Connect Manual integration

Simple, innovative and fast. Attract the best candidates to your international school and rate them quickly and easily. Manages all elements of your recruitment process with Schrole Connect.

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Consulting and Services

Education Changemakers

Education Changemakers

Education Changemakers (EC) exists to unleash school and teacher led innovation in education systems across the globe. Their award winning team works with tens of thousands of educators each year, helping them identify challenges worth solving, creating powerful solutions for students and scaling high impact initiatives.

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Student Edge

Student Edge is an Australian organisation that seeks to enrich the lives of students across the country. The company aims to do this by helping students save and manage money, prepare for the workplace, find jobs and make informed career and life decisions. The company currently has approximately 960,000 members.

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