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Workflow is king

A colleague was chatting to an old friend in a school today. The old friend asked what my colleague is doing now. When he said he was working for SEQTA and told the guy what the product did, the guy said they had ‘software that did that’ and mentioned the name of the product their school used.

This is a response we get so often and, tell you the truth, it really ticks me off. I know the piece of software this guy was referring to pretty well and it pretty much epitomises what’s bad about school software. Sure it ‘does’ the things teachers need to do – and probably does them OK – but it does it in the way programmers and systems architects think we as teachers should do it. Great ideas, horrible execution, zero concern for teachers.

Frankly, it sucks – it totally stuffs up teacher’s workflows and, rather than helping them do things more efficiently, it fragments their workflow. Go over to this part to do attendance, set assessments here, put your marks in over here, go here to do your reports etc – and never the pieces talk to each other in a sensible, actionable way.

We’re in 2019 now guys – we can build pretty software that actually enhances teachers’ workflows, makes life easier, gives them really simple ways to do the complex things they’d love to do as teachers, and shows them that we give a damn.

Now sorry if any school software people take offence, but wake up guys. There is not one piece of software (bar SEQTA – yep, I’m serious here) designed to not only make life easier for teachers, but seriously save them time.

Workflow is king!

If I make your life better because you can do everything you need to do, easily and in the most efficient way possible, then I’ve done my job – but I’ll keep finding ways to make it better.

And you’re happy, right!?

How do we make school IT staff, Deputies, Principals and decision makers take notice – tick the boxes if you must focus on functionality, but give the highest weighting to whether or not the software works FOR teachers, and simultaneously for administrators?

I had the privilege today of showing our software at a school where an IT guy actually got it – really got it (sorry school IT guys, but you often don’t see it from a teacher’s point of view). This guy is seeing the software and telling me just how the software SEQTA has created is going to not just be easier to use, but really streamlines the workflows for all in the school – including parents and students.

Bucket loads of functionality is nice, but workflow is king. If anyone tells you different, they’re selling run-of-the-mill, developer-centric, mediocre teaching-learning software that may have bells and whistles but lacks any semblance of caring about teachers.

Oh, and if you’re a teacher and you’re hearing someone tell you how their software is so good for you and they’re not speaking your language or showing you stuff that sits in your reality, don’t accept it. There is better – much better.

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Grant Grosser, Founder & CEO, SEQTA Software

With over 20 years of experience in schools, from teacher to Head of Technology and Enterprise to Deputy Principal, Grant has a great understanding of the pressures teachers and schools face from day-to-day.

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