Guildford Grammar School played host for our first Very Important Teacher (VIT) function for 2015.

Facilitated by SEQTA School Relationship Manager Kim Christiansen, attendees were given the chance to share how they were using SEQTA to facilitate John Hattie’s Top Ten Influencers to student learning.

Kim says ‘it was encouraging to see some of our more established SEQTA users come ready to share information on how they had been able to use our software’.

‘We have schools of different sizes, from every demographic who collaborate with us. Some schools have been with us for 6 years and some for 6 months. VIT events provide a forum for our more advanced users to share ‘know how’ with our newer users. Hattie’s Top Ten is highly relevant in today’s education space – as an organisation we are very happy to provide a forum for our users to learn more about how to use SEQTA from their peers rather than spending precious time re-inventing the wheel’.