Every year, schools spend millions on expensive training and professional development workshops, with little or no evidence that the bulk of it genuinely helps teachers.

In fact, in a twisted irony, many of the courses and workshops claiming to upskill teachers and alleviate their burdens, end up adding extra hours to their already substantial work weeks.

That’s where SEQTA Professional Services (SPS), SEQTA Software’s official training provider, is refreshingly different.

SPS has developed each and every one of its teacher-focussed courses with relevance and convenience in mind. Take their new Microsoft short courses for example.

With more than 1.2 billion users worldwide, Microsoft Office is an integral part of many professionals’ workdays – and teachers are certainly no exception.

Whether it’s MS Excel for quick number-crunching, MS Word for document creation, MS PowerPoint for class presentations, or MS Outlook for easy communication – many teachers will have a need to access the MS Office suite at some point in their day.

SPS understands this and has created a series of short, digestible Microsoft-based courses designed to equip teachers with skills that are immediately useful in their day-to-day work.

SPS Operations Manager, Beverley Britz, believes the organisation’s Microsoft short courses are some of the most value-rich training opportunities teachers can participate in.

“From conversations with countless teachers across the country, we’ve been able to identify Microsoft Office as a key area that we can provide value,” she said.

“SEQTA’s vision has always been to improve the lives of teachers, so we’re very pleased to offer teachers a series of courses which we believe will have an immediate positive impact on their working lives.”

“All of our training is conducted with teachers in mind, so participants can be sure that the content will cater to their specific work needs.”

“The end result is an engaging and relevant course that provides maximum value in a conveniently short timeframe.”

To see SPS’s upcoming Microsoft short courses, click here.

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