The integration of the CyberHound and SEQTA platforms brings together two leading technologies that will improve classroom efficiency for teachers.

As technology in schools continually evolves, the need increases for teachers to have full control and ease of use for all internet-based activities. CyberHound and SEQTA   recognised that an integrated solution must be easy and intuitive to use – for the staff and students. New features like Classroom Controls typifies this evolution, giving teachers full control of the internet in their classroom.

Grant Grosser, CEO of SEQTA said, “We continue to optimise learning management in schools. The partnership with CyberHound further enhances our system’s ability to deliver great learning outcomes for students.”

SEQTA and CyberHound have partnered to provide schools with a fully integrated classroom internet management system. Integration gives teachers more control by providing seamless access to multiple services through a single interface. This boosts productivity and efficiency in the classroom, while also improving flexibility and ease of lesson planning.

John Fison, CEO of CyberHound said, “Helping schools optimise elearning is a key mission of our business and we are thrilled to partner with a fellow Australian company to deliver even more value to schools.

We’ve already seen the benefits that this partnership offers to schools in terms of reduced workload for teachers and IT staff and corresponding benefits in classroom engagement for students.”

To find out how your school can benefit from this partnership please contact:

Gillian Loh, Chief Marketing Officer
P: (08) 9301 2277

Tony Dempsey, Director of Communications
P: 1300 737 060

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