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St Clare’s College, Canberra

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St Clare’s College raised their school achievement standards with SEQTA’s continuous reporting functionality.

St Clare’s College used SEQTA’s continuous reporting (also known as real-time reporting) to raise academic reporting standards. Making feedback more visible across the school community.

“Iterative feedback, the loop and the cycle of feedback and feed forward can make the difference in whether or not schools, teachers and students can raise achievement standards.”
– Juliette Major, Leader of Learning-ICT, St Clare’s College Canberra

Continuous reporting allowed the College to provide timely and targeted feedback to students, and make that feedback visible to parents and carers. This gave the students more regular feedback and enabled teachers to create a more personalised learning journey.

With continuous reporting, teachers have easier access to historical academic results which helps to show the students’ progress over time. Parents and carer’s appreciate not only being able to see their child’s results but also feel more informed about pressure points in their child’s learning.

“Real time reporting shows staff, students and their parents/carers the most recent, as well as historical academic results. Staff have access to historical data as well as student management files and standardised testing results that are uploaded to the platform. Students can use the Goals section to manage their own goal setting of academic and pastoral goals.”
– Juliette Major, Leader of Learning-ICT, St Clare’s College Canberra


Continuous reporting helps all members of St Clare’s school community in different ways.

Benefits for Teachers

  • Better engagement with students and parents: Teachers can provide regular and timely feedback in different ways to students and parents about their learning progress.
  • See the big picture of a student: Having past and present data at their fingertips and receiving student reflections helps teachers make adjustments to their learning pathway based on student’s individual needs.
  • Improved communication and efficiency: Notifications are sent when a student provides reflection. Teachers can share feedback with one student, a cohort or a class with a few clicks.

“SEQTA has changed teacher workload and practice for the better, leading to greater teacher efficacy.”
– Juliette Major, Leader of Learning-ICT, St Clare’s College Canberra

Benefits for Students

  • Better student experience and outcomes: Regular feedback and student reflections enable teachers to adjust a student’s learning plan based on their needs. Students know where they are headed and what they need to do to improve.
  • Students have more ownership: Students can set goals and engage with reflection tools for self-assessment before seeing their mark or grade.

Benefits for Parents

“SEQTA has changed our college practices in the way that we provide feedback to students and the visibility of that feedback to parents and caregivers.”

  • Parents are more informed: With improved visibility of results, feedback and reports, parents feel more informed about the learning outcomes of their child. Assessment rubrics that focus on achievement and growth improve identification of student pressure points and areas for development.
  • Better communication: Direct messaging functionality, receive alerts and notifications when feedback is released.

“SEQTA is an all-in-one platform that provides facility for schools to manage Attendance, a LMS, Reporting, Pastoral Care and Wellbeing records, Timetable display as well as Curriculum planning. It has both student and parent/carer access and works on all devices. Supported by a strong company with a focus on client satisfaction, online and in-person training as well as an extensive knowledge base and both a phone and online Helpdesk service, it is the suite of products to replace your many. If you are searching for the one platform to manage many then this is the product for you.”
– Juliette Major, Leader of Learning-ICT, St Clare’s College Canberra

“It’s better now with SEQTA.”
– Teacher, St Clare’s College Canberra

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