The Australian Business Award for Best Software Product recognises software products that introduce a new idea, method, technology, process or application of commercial significance and/or benefit to the marketplace.

The Australian Business Awards is delighted to recognise SEQTA Software as recipients of The Australian Business Award for Best Software Product in its industry classification for 2013.

SEQTA Software produces an all-in-one web application that gives schools a superior way of managing all aspects of teaching and learning. It is a fully integrated learning management system which substantially reduces teacher and administrator workloads by integrating every aspect of the teaching/learning environment of a school into a single, web-based software package.

Using the SEQTA Suite software, teachers are able to complete every aspect of their administrative work, including the creation of virtual learning environments. It realistically eliminates the need for paper for everything from attendance, behaviour management, marks books and reporting to parents to data analysis, management of key risk areas and government accountability. The SEQTA Suite includes a Teachers’ Assistant for teachers, school administration and other staff, a coneqt.p for parents and guardians, a coneqt.s for students, a Teachers’ Assistant Mobile Attendance for roll marking using small-screen mobile devices and a Tutor Schedule  for peripatetic tutors. These components, each with their own target end-user, integrate seamlessly as a single suite in which each user interacts with the software in an interface designed to meet their specific needs.

The Australian Business Awards congratulate SEQTA Software for its success in the category of Best Software Product in 2013.

Source: Business Awards

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