A quick and easy way to keep track of your students.​

SEQTA Kiosk is an iPad app that tracks students’ movements around the school campus via tag-ins to fixed checkpoints. Whether it’s student admin, the library, sick bay or the classroom, know where your students are with SEQTA Kiosk.

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Check-ins made easy​

  • iPad-based application​
  • Enable students to tag in or out by scanning their student card or entering their name as an identifier​
  • Can be partnered with a docket printer to provide students with a receipt for their teacher or other authorities (if leaving campus)​
  • Securely integrates with SEQTA Teach​

A choice of deployment modes​


  • Intended for use by students entering and leaving class
  • Useful for recording in-class attendance, including tardiness and truancy​



  • Intended for use by students entering and leaving campus​
  • Useful for knowing if a student is on campus or not​

SEQTA Features

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