SEQTA for teachers

Making life easier for teachers

SEQTA makes student information visible, letting teachers see the bigger picture and make better decisions for each student.

Planning made easy

SEQTA Teach has all the tools required to create and assign lesson plans and assessments, including:

  • Unit planner
  • Lesson organiser
  • Online lesson editor
  • Assessment Overview
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Assessment and feedback​ ​

SEQTA Marks Book captures the whole assessment and feedback workflow, including:

Academic reporting

The new SEQTA Custom Academic Reporting Tool (CART) allows schools to create and edit academic reports designed for their specific requirements.

Connected learning community

SEQTA Teach helps make student learning and progress visible to students and their families – through effortless reporting, lesson sharing and wellbeing information.

SEQTA Products


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The LMS that gives teachers more time and better insights.