Powerful analytics

SEQTA Analyse is a powerful data analytics tool that helps you as a school answer these three questions

  • How are we doing?​
  • How well should we be doing?​
  • What will we do to improve?

SEQTA Analyse offers a wide range of
pre-defined and customisable reports, including:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Academic Progress
  • Attendance Analytics
  • Pastoral Care Analytics
  • Program Analytics

Efficient reporting

Automatically generate and securely share reports with relevant audiences.

Spend less time aggregating data and more time implementing meaningful change.

Easy dashboards

Create dashboards that enable easy monitoring of progress and achievement at a student, class and year level, while tracking individual student personal and social development.

Create consistency in your data​

As part of our implementation process, we’ll work closely with you to build a data structure that ensures accuracy in your reports and consistency across your operations. We’ll help you identify the information you’d like to see, and equip you with the relevant reports and dashboards to see it.

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Save time and do more with less​

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  • Automatically generate and share reports with chosen users at a frequency that suits you.

  • ​Spend less time aggregating data and more time implementing meaningful changes driven by crucial data insights.​


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The LMS that gives teachers more time and better insights.