SEQTA Professional Services (SPS) is pleased to announce the launch of the Advanced Training Modules and Certification for the SEQTA Suite. According to SPS Managing Director, Andre Britz, the first four of the Advanced Training Modules and Certification will be introduced. “This will be the first of eight advanced training courses which will enable SEQTA users to become fully trained, and to achieve certification on the SEQTA Suite of products,” Mr Britz said.

The SPS team has worked diligently to develop and produce quality training materials for the courses, which have been designed to provide SEQTA users with quality training that will improve their SEQTA experience and enhance their skill level.

Mr Britz said that SEQTA Advanced Training and Certification would benefit both teachers and schools in many ways.

A SEQTA certification for teachers will:

  • provide official international recognition as a certified user of the SEQTA Suite;
  • equip them with advanced knowledge and skills on the SEQTA Suite;
  • improve competency and efficiency through all aspects of the SEQTA Suite and save time to fulfil other important tasks;
  • enhance virtual teaching and learning capabilities in the classroom;
  • foster participation and collaboration in a growing community of expert SEQTA users who fulfil a variety of roles within schools; and
  • represent professional development via the SEQTA certification pathway.

Having SEQTA certified teachers in schools will:

  • maximise the use of the SEQTA Suite;
  • develop a significant depth of SEQTA Suite knowledge and skill;
  • improve productivity;
  • enable virtual classroom delivery of teaching content;
  • empower a team of in-school experts to deliver professional development to colleagues;
  • enhance teacher collaboration and communication;
  • facilitate sharing of teaching programs and resources;
  • build capacity and future-proof retention of expertise; and
  • measure the return on professional development investment.

The first four Modules for Certification are:

  1. QC201 SEQTA advanced curriculum: Lesson delivery
  2. QC202 SEQTA advanced curriculum: Marks book and assessments
  3. QC203 SEQTA advanced curriculum: Integration with SEQTA Learn
  4. QC204 SEQTA advanced curriculum: Collaboration – sharing programmes, managing class pathways and lesson cloning

Each of the Advanced modules consists of a five-hour workshop. To achieve certification per module, participants will need to undertake a two-hour open book assessment and attain a minimum score of 85% for each. A SEQTA Curriculum Certification will be awarded as recognition for the four successfully completed certifications.

For more information, please contact SEQTA Professional Services Managing Director, Andre Britz.

ABOUT SEQTA Professional Services

SEQTA Professional Services (SPS) is a subsidiary of SEQTA Software. SPS offers a range of training programmes that provide users of SEQTA Suite with a well-rounded understanding of the software.


SEQTA Software, (a division of Saron Education Limited, a public unlisted company) is a business involved in providing the SEQTA Suite to the K to 12 Education market in Australia as well as internationally.

The SEQTA Suite is an all-in-one, collaborative teaching and learning ecosystem that enables teachers to manage all their administrative tasks in one place, while simultaneously engaging students and parents in an interactive, supportive community. The SEQTA Suite was designed around the natural work-flow of teachers, allowing them to create virtual learning environments; realistically eliminating the need for paper for everything from attendance, behaviour management, teaching and learning programmes, marks books and reporting to parents.

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