School Rubrics Software

SEQTA’s school rubrics software is a flexible, collaborative learning tool that saves teachers time

Easily capture assessment expectation and reflections

Share feedback before results are released

Drive pedagogy by making learning and teaching more visible

Continuous reporting capabilities to reduce report writing and increase student and parent engagement

Analytics to drive school improvement and growth

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For teachers

From attendance to wellbeing, teachers can plan, control and collaborate to deliver the best student outcomes.

For students

Feedback, assessments, timetables, lesson content, rubrics and more all via browser or mobile app.

For parents

Strengthen parental engagement by giving parents a 360-degree view of their child’s development.

As a leader you can build a strong connection

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Our customers

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“After seeing the attendance records and the SEQTA attendance system, the auditor commented that this was the best live attendance system he had seen in a school.”

– Rowan Clark, Carey Baptist College

“Previously, we used printed documents that ultimately ended up on gathering dust on teachers’ shelves. Keeping them up to date was a never-ending task. Now I simply keep the student plans up to date on SEQTA, and as teachers mark their rolls, they can see a green dot next to the students’ names.”

– Dean Shadgett, Carmel School

“SEQTA has changed teacher workload and practice for the better, leading to greater teacher efficacy.”

– Juliette Major, Leader of Learning-ICT, St Clare’s College Canberra

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