Pivot to remote learning quickly with SEQTA

SEQTA’s tools support schools to switch from face-to-face learning to remote learning due to a sudden closure.

  • See students’ progress anytime, anywhere

  • Enable open communication with families

  • Facilitate a rich online learning experience

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Student App

Learning Tools

Empower students with all resources, assessments, feedback and communication in one place.

In the SEQTA Learn app, students have 24/7 access to:

  • Learning resources

  • Timetables

  • Current, future and past lessons

  • Assessments

  • Homework and tasks

  • Feedback

  • Direct messages

  • School notices

MyEdOnline Learning Paths

Manage Student Engagement

Keep an eye on students’ progress and know which students are accessing learning material so you can intervene if a student falls behind.

Teachers can create engaging individualised online learning experiences within SEQTA using the myEdOnline tool. Students can work through this at their own pace, ask questions, and submit assessments.

  • Deliver engaging self-paced online learning

  • Create individualised learning paths

  • Track student progress

  • Facilitate student reflection

  • Give 1-on-1 feedback

Parent App

Communication Tools

Easy communication with mobile apps. Stay connected to your school community with SEQTA parent and student apps.

  • Direct messaging, SMS and push notifications

  • Secure messaging for students, parents and teachers

  • iOS and Android

Forums and Messaging

Encourage collaboration and interaction

Enable class-wide discussions in moderated forums.

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