Just Start IT – Encouraging Our Young IT Entrepreneurs

Just Start IT – Encouraging Our Young IT Entrepreneurs

The Just Start IT is a program designed to create opportunities for high school students to realise their potential as entrepreneurs, marketers, sales-people, business tycoons, and computer programmers.

As it is operated by The Curtin Business School Bachelor of Commerce through the School of Information Systems, the program elicits the support of industry mentors.  Mentors come to the table with a variety of experience and skills and willingly share all it all with the students who participate in the program.

SEQTA recently had the pleasure of hosting a group of Shenton College students who have developed a commercial product and were seeking feedback from within the IT industry. Our founders Grant and Sharon Grosser were impressed with the quality of the groups product and enjoyed offering some insights into the life of a startup company.  Sharon stated that ‘seeing these students engaging in real world product development was very inspiring – I think I left the meeting more inspired than them!’

For more information visit www.juststartit.com.au

Sherryn Rietdyk, Communications Manager