Education Horizons is pleased to announce our new partnership with Consent2Go, a specialised platform that equips schools to confidently plan excursions, manage compliance and maintain medical records.

Education Horizons CEO and Managing Director, Tim Dawson said he appreciates the enormity of work surrounding risk management in schools to ensure the safety of students and staff.

“Following rigorous evaluation, we have strong confidence that Consent2Go is a powerful compliance management tool for schools. It is easy-to-use with a user-friendly workflow that saves time and effort for staff and for parents.”

Understanding the importance of workflows, we are pleased to confirm that integration work is currently complete or underway with a number of the Education Horizons software solutions.

For more information regarding integration with specific Education Horizons products, please contact the relevant the relevant company directly.  Contact details can be found on the Education Horizons website.


About Education Horizons:

Education Horizons is the largest wholly Australian-owned K-12 school management, teaching and learning software company that truly empowers school administration staff and teachers to complete their work efficiently and effectively. Education Horizons pairs world-class school management provider, Synergetic Management Systems, with award-winning teaching and learning management developer, SEQTA Software, to offer schools an end-to-end software solution.

About Consent2Go:

Consent2Go brings together an integrated suite of services to assist and support schools in planning and conducting all types of events and excursions.  Governed by a Board of Directors, company leaders believe their product can significantly improve school and parent communication through the use and sharing of electronic information.

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