Distance Education with SEQTA.

Inspire learning – anywhere, anytime.

Communicate and connect.

Break down barriers and open up communication lines to create a more transparent school community.
Generate conversation with discussion forums (effect size 0.82)*, drive connection with direct messaging, and foster accessibility with our mobile-first student and parent portal apps (available on both iOS and Android).

Teach & learn collaboratively.

Immerse your students in a learning ecosystem that’s tailor-made to help them get the best out of themselves.

Engage your students with media-rich online-lessons at a class-wide scale, or plot them on students’ learning pathways to create sustainable personalised educational experiences. Easily share resources with your colleagues.

Assess learning.

Measure your teaching impact and ensure learning is being absorbed. Easily create rubrics to show students what success looks like, and empower them to showcase their learning using SEQTA’s student folios tool. Drive accountability by challenging learners to set student goals for themselves.

See SEQTA’s rubrics in action in our FREE 3 minute Quick Tour.

Track student progress.

Discover where students have ‘set their bars’ with SEQTA’s best-practice Student Expectations (effect size 0.68)* tools.

Provide continuous feedback (effect size 0.66)* to ensure the meaning of your words isn’t lost. Facilitate reflections to help students define their next steps and become assessment capable learners.

SEQTA’s distance education tools can bring your school together.
You’ve read about them. Are you ready to see them in action?

* Effect sizes are mentioned where particular teaching strategies have been shown to have a positive impact on student learning.
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