Turn rich data into
priceless insights

77% of educators find having a holistic view of a student’s learning and wellbeing to be challenging, according to Education Horizons Group’s 2020 School Survey.

If you’re part of this majority and are looking to benefit from consolidated data sets and rich, meaningful insights, we’re pleased to introduce you to SEQTA’s analytics engine, SEQTA Analyse.

With SEQTA Analyse you can…

Capture evidence to lead staff discussions

SEQTA Analyse puts the power of proof in your hands, offering powerful visuals around all elements of your school including score distributions, absentee trends, performance audits
and more.

Create consistency
in your data

Data’s like a jigsaw – you can only see the full picture when every piece is in the right place.
We’ll work closely with you to build a data structure that ensures accuracy in your reports and consistency across your operations.

Get instant value from 40+ pre-made reports

As part of our implementation process, we’ll help you identify the information you’d like to see and equip you with the relevant reports and dashboards to help you see it.

Save time and do more with less

Automatically generate and share reports with chosen users at a frequency that suits you.
Enjoy less time shifting data and more time spearheading meaningful changes.

More than 80 schools are already using Analyse.
See what they’re getting.

Discover exactly how SEQTA Analyse can help your school identify where it’s at, where it’s going, and how it’s going to get there. Join education expert, Kim Edwards, as she introduces SEQTA Analyse and demonstrate what it’s capable of.

“With little experience it is possible to create reports that can make a big difference to student outcomes.”

– Doug Loader, ICT Manager @ Kolbe Catholic College

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