We are passionate about sharing our success, knowing that in some small way, we can make a difference in our world. We’re partnering with both local and global organisations that will enrich the lives of young people, whether that is helping encourage girls to get involved in the IT sector or supporting schools in developing countries.

School For Life

School for Life provides a sustainable model of education for children from one of the world’s poorest nations – Uganda. In Uganda there is an education crisis, where seven out of ten children won’t finish primary school. School for Life helps break the cycle of poverty by providing safe places for educating children and empowering communities.

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Ruma Abedona Hospice

Ruma Abedona Hospice is a non-profit charitable trust with the prime objective of providing palliative care for those suffering from terminal illness. Support is provided with competence and compassion with the goal of minimising unnecessary suffering, indignity and fear.

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WiTWA (Women in Technology WA) is the leading voice for women in technology in Western Australia, encouraging diversity and supporting women and young people in technology, science and innovation.

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techtrails: Blazing trails to STEM careers by WiTWA is an incursion into WA high schools bringing industry experts from across the science, technology, engineering and innovation sectors to inspire the students (girls & boys) and encourage them to choose STEM careers.

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Coder Dojo WA

CoderDojo WA is a Western Australian network of community coding clubs (Dojos), building digital literacy skills amongst young people aged 7-17. These free and social open learning environments provide a space for young people to learn and practise computer programming in a fun environment and work on their individual projects with assistance from Mentors. The Fogarty Foundation supports CoderDojo WA as we believe coding should be taught and shared with everyone.

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