Teachers matter. We believe that and did something about it. From the founders’ vision (both teachers), SEQTA crafted the most efficient and effective way for teachers to do every aspect of their work, incorporating modern pedagogy and workflows that just make sense.


Curriculum planning, mapping & LMS

Plan a new unit of work. Reuse and modify last year’s programme and assessments. Collaborate with other teachers. Energise students with engaging online lessons. Involve parents in their child’s education. SEQTA integrates all aspects of curriculum planning and delivery.


Assessment, feedback & reporting

Formative evaluation, student reflection, feedback to parents, capturing and storing evidence, continuous reporting and summative, paperless report delivery. No double handling of data. No more excel spreadsheets. Just efficient, seamless processes.


Parent engagement

Bring parents into the learning ecosystem without any extra burden on teachers. When things happen in school, parents can access up-to-date information. Parents, students and teachers working together for better outcomes.



Schools exist to help students learn and grow. Analysis exists to help schools help students learn and grow students. SEQTA provides teachers with actionable data where and when they need it. Simple.

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All-in-one solution

The SEQTA Suite is an all-in-one teaching and learning ecosystem that enables teachers, students, and parents to work together in an interactive and supportive online community.


Pastoral care

Identifying patterns early. Being proactive. Recognising positives. Attending to the needs of every child. Working together for good. Operating holistically. That’s really looking after students’ health and well-being. That’s SEQTA pastoral care.



Attendance is central to teaching and learning. Identify attendance patterns. Notice students missing assessments. Know exactly why students were away. Work proactively with parents. All part of the most efficient and effective attendance system available.


Individual education needs

Whether you’re planning a differentiated classroom, planning interventions, accelerating a group, managing medical requirements or making individual instructional pathways, SEQTA provides all the tools you need to meet students where they’re at.


Training and support

When you sign up with SEQTA, you’re entering into a relationship with a company that has a proven track record of providing outstanding service and support to its clients. We have a dedicated support team and provide on-site consultations. All part of the service.


  • “Perhaps the most impressive thing about SEQTA is how easy it is to use.  Many screens are self-explanatory and require little or no training.”
    Anna HuDirector of Information & Learning Technologies, Scotch College/Presbyterian Ladies' College
  • "I love the workflow, I love the simplicity, anyone can do it.  It’s easy for me to introduce SEQTA to new staff and they can get on board straight away using it."
    Greg PortHead of ICT Integration, Seton Catholic College
  • "I think that the fact that the interface has been built from a teachers’ perspective is certainly one of its greatest strengths."
    Mark Stephense-learning Integrator, Corpus Christi College
  • "The parents are absolutely rapt with SEQTA. The information they get is up to date and the only complaint we really get is that teachers aren’t putting enough on there."
    Andrew HillDeputy Principal, Duncraig Senior High School
  • "SEQTA has become one of the most powerful tools used in our school. Its ability to track student progress and behaviour is awesome... and its intuitiveness improves constantly .... SEQTA is the first port of call for my lesson planning, mark book, absence resolution, pastoral care and reporting.... I fear the thought of moving to another school just in case they don’t have SEQTA, in which case I’d be promoting it strongly!"
    Jarrod LungleyICT Coordinator/Community Key Teacher, Hope Christian College
  • “Love having the ability to look into my daughter’s school life a bit more. Feel so much more connected to that crucial part of her life.  SEQTA is super easy to navigate, quick and intuitive.  Perfect way for a full-time working mum to still feel in touch with ALL aspects of school life. Brilliant!”
    Mrs MilnerParent at Prendiville Catholic College


Better Education. Better World.