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SEQTA is an all-in-one collaborative teaching and learning ecosystem. By bringing together multiple information sources into one easy-to-use LMS, SEQTA liberates teachers from labour-intensive, disparate and fragmented software or paper-based systems.

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For Teachers

Whatever your teachers do, SEQTA Teach lets them do it in the most efficient and effective way possible. Supporting modern pedagogical practices (e.g. visible learning, flipped classroom), SEQTA respects teachers’ traditional workflows and brings outstanding value to teaching and learning.

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For Students

Students thrive in the online environment created by SEQTA Learn. With access to everything they need to learn more effectively, and tools that allow them to stretch and reach high, students are more engaged and achieve better outcomes.

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For Parents

SEQTA opens up the school gates and lets parents engage in the education of their children without creating any extra work for teachers. Teachers can control the flow of information, only opening appropriate windows, yet to do so is as simple as ticking boxes.


Connected Schools

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Dedicated Teachers

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Savvy Students

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Perhaps the most impressive thing about SEQTA is how easy it is to use. Many screens are self-explanatory and require little or no training. - Anna Hu, Director of Information & Learning Technologies
Scotch College/Presbyterian Ladies' College

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